Programming challenges inside your LMS

Set up programming problems and assess the coding skills of your users

Create, edit and describe coding challenges. Define test cases and manage the judging algorithms.

Integrating seamlessly with 20+ learning management systems and leveraging enhanced automation techniques, Sphere Engine for Education is your solution for better teaching and learning outcomes.

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Sphere Engine for Education

“We believe computer science class can be engaging, productive and fun. This is why we created Sphere Engine for Education.”
Michał Małafiejski, PhD in Computer Science,
Co-founder of Sphere Research Labs

About Sphere Engine

At Sphere Engine we have been developing technology-led education solutions for 10 years. We provide community-oriented and commercial products to over 1,000 institutions in 180 countries, including some of the world’s largest companies and most renowned universities. Our products are used by millions of end-users worldwide.


One integrated solution, eight outstanding benefits

Maximized tutor productivity

Tutors improve their productivity with automation of the code assessment process. This allows you to process more content while leading lessons.

Instant feedback

Students get instant feedback on their work in real-time. Waiting for a manual review is no longer necessary.

Superior teaching

Sphere Engine for Education allows tutors to dedicate more time to each student. Automation of time-consuming tasks frees teachers up to focus on direct student interaction.

Flexible assessment

Flexibility of judging programmes allows talented students to solve tasks in a creative way. This improves engagement through consistently challenging problems to solve.

Greater tutor control

Benefit from all-in-one-place code organization and assignment storage, for easy management. Tutors have centralized control with access to all past assignments, making it straightforward to monitor student progress.

Enhanced student engagement with competition

Tutors can create competitive assignments to boost student engagement levels. Students see each other’s development under competition-led lessons, which motivates them individually to reflect on their own code, and on how to improve further.

Real-time tutor availability

As Sphere Engine for Education focuses on automating time-consuming tasks, tutors are free to spend more time directly involved in lessons in person. This affords the opportunity to provide feedback to students as soon as a query or problem arises. This helps avoid bottlenecks in the learning process and contributes to a more efficient, productive learning experience.

Greater ease of communication

The Sphere Engine solution offers tutors and students an additional communication channel, designed specifically to aid understanding and improve interaction efficiency. Tutors can comment on each source code submission remotely, allowing for specific, detailed feedback for each and every student. In turn, students can contact tutors for further discussion.


Sphere Engine for Education is powered by cutting-edge technology. Some of the features include:

Flexible programming challenge design

Total flexibility in designing coding problems, from simple single test case problems to highly customizable challenges with complex judges, and more.

Diverse range of programming problems to solve

Both classic and interactive problem solving, where student programs communicate with the judging programs.

Automation of grades

Automated student grade issuance, via plugin integration with the Gradebook tool.

Variety of programming languages

Easy integration with 80+ programming languages, including C++, Python, Java, .NET, JavaScript and many others.

Your support team on hand

Dedicated support throughout the integration process.

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